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Une après-midi inconnue

octobre 13, 2019

À partir de 18h, rejoignez-nous à la galerie Dominique Fiat.



octobre 9, 2019

À la Galerie Dominique Fiat.


octobre 7, 2019

Artforum – “Dana Hoey Presents”

octobre 2, 2019

mounir fatmi / Setouchi Triennale 2019

octobre 1, 2019
mounir fatmi
The song of the children all Gone

Setouchi Triennale 2019
September 28th – November 4th

After the Setouchi Triennale in 2016, during which mounir fatmi was asked to develop a project connected to the remote Japanese island, he returns this year to Awashima to present the second part of the Project « The Song of the Children All Gone« . He found inspiration in the elementary school, long since abandoned, and created several site specific installations inside and outside the building. Titled , the installation gives a voice to all the children who have left the island, as well as to the small, aging community of roughly 200 people, who still remain.

What first struck the artist about this former elementary school was the eerie sense of time stopped; the classrooms left in the same configuration, posters on the wall, some books still on the shelves, desks and chairs in place, and particularly surprising, the clocks in every room all stopped at the same time, 10h45.

Fatmi intervened in almost all of the vacant rooms, re-arranging books, maps, signage, and other remaining teaching tools. In one classroom, Fatmi placed the clocks onto some of the desks, but not all, a reference to those who have stayed and those who have gone. In another room he placed all of the remaining trophies on the ground and projected a light from behind, creating an unexpected animated effect. But the installation also served as an act stopping the competition, as if the idea of competition is done, it no longer serves a purpose here. In the music room, the piano was dusted off and placed in the center of the room. At one time all Japanese students were taught to play the piano and here it is made available for anyone to play. The composition of the school’s anthem has been placed on the music rack. Fatmi also created a sound piece for this room that mixes together three elements: sounds of the sea, sounds of children playing, and sounds of voices singing the song. Combined with the piano, the sound piece resonated through the building.

Outside, an installation of black and white horse jumping bars, or Obstacles as Fatmi refers to them, have been placed around an old bronze sculpture that had been left in the back of the school yard. The sculpture moved to the front and placed in a sort of black cage, shows two boys and one girl looking upwards, the boys with fingers pointing to the sky, the girl with a finger pointing to the earth. In an interview with Toshio Kondo, the director of the Triennale, Mounir talks about his impressions of the island, its beauty and its isolation. For him, the bronze sculpture felt like a premonition of sorts with “the girl pointing to the ground, her feet to the earth, to the homeland, while the boys point upwards, towards new frontiers, to their eventual departure.” The Obstacles act as a metaphor for water, a kind of obstacle for islanders to get to the mainland, to connect to the world.

The Setouchi Triennale was developed as a way to revitalize this unique island archipelago off the coast of Japan. It brings together artwork, performances and food projects across twelve islands in the Seto Inland Sea. The exhibition will be on view through November 4th, 2019.

Setouchi Triennale 2019
Awashima Community Area

mounir fatmi ongoing and upcoming exhibitions:

solo show: 

• Analix Forever, Geneva, Switzerland
Keeping Faith – Keeping Drawing
November 30th, 2019 – January 31st, 2020
curator: Barbara Polla
solo show

‘Shiny Colourful Amusements for the Walls of the Bourgeoisie’

septembre 30, 2019

Tuesday, 1 October 2019 to Saturday, 2 November 2019
Location: 30 Davies Street, W1K 4NB

Robert Montgomery at JD Malat Gallery

Scottish-born and London based artist and poet, Robert Montgomery, brings his solo exhibition, Shiny Colourful Amusements for the Walls of the Bourgeoisie, to JD Malat Gallery Tuesday 1st October – Saturday 2nd November 2019. Coinciding with Frieze London, the highly anticipated exhibition is set to captivate Montgomery’s worldwide following. Through Shiny Coloured Amusements for the Walls of the Bourgeoisie, Montgomery, renowned for his large, public light installations and distinctive black and white billboard works, presents a selection of lightworks made especially for the exhibition. The show also combines his illustrious light work technique that is well known to viewers, with new works that celebrate the artist’s return to other mediums such as painting and an electrifying exploration of colour. The globally acclaimed artist is set to fuse together these unique, imaginative approaches to his craft and bring to fruition one of his most ambitious solo exhibitions to date.

JD Malat Gallery is proud to cultivate Montgomery’s comprehensive exhibition history, having had numerous solo exhibitions across the world, most recently at the Aspen Art Museum in January 2019. Not to mention, Montgomery has presented many important exhibitions in the United Kingdom, such as being shortlisted for the UK Holocaust Memorial, showcased at the Victoria & Albert Museum, London. Montgomery has also had a strong Biennale presence worldwide, representing Britain at Kochi Biennale in 2012 and the Yinchuan Biennale in 2016.

Whilst many artists become synonymous with one artistic medium, Robert is rather synonymous with a particular kind of poetic phrasing — loosely applying the principle of “concrete poetry” across an array of media, he brings words alive in watercolour, fire poems, solar powered light installations, woodcut panels, billboards and paintings. His work sits somewhere in-between a tradition of contemporary language art seen in artists like Tracey Emin, Jenny Holzer and Lawrence Weiner, and an older tradition of concrete poetry that goes back to Guillaume Apollinaire and in Britain to Ian Hamilton Finlay and Edward Lucie-Smith.

Speaking of the upcoming exhibition, Montgomery commented, “I am thrilled to be showing at JD Malat Gallery. These rooms have a great heritage, Jean-David has breathed new life into Mayfair with the space at 30 Davies Street and he has very good taste, his is one of the most exciting new galleries in London for sure. The great space here gives us a scale in which we are able to present a show that is both slightly retrospective on my work alongside a series of new paintings.”

JD Malat Gallery will exhibit a selection of Montgomery’s newly made lightworks, which echo his important installations of the past at the old Tempelhof Airport in Berlin, the Kochi Biennale in 2012 and his installation of “THE PEOPLE YOU LOVE BECOME GHOSTS INSIDE OF YOU, AND LIKE THIS YOU KEEP THEM ALIVE” at the De La Warr Pavilion in 2010. This piece became one of the most talked about artworks of the last decade, with its image having been shared more than 24 million times online.

Speaking of Robert’s work, author Dane Weatherman explains that, “to encounter the work of Robert Montgomery is to make a tender encounter whose tenderness is enhanced by the public, communal quality of his work. To encounter his work is to have your body filled with a sad thunder and your head filled with a sad light. He is a complete artist and works in language, light, paper, space. He engages completely with the urban world with a translucent poetry. His work arrives at us through a kind of lucid social violence. No one has blended language, form and light in such a direct way.”


Shiny Colourful Amusements for the Walls of the Bourgeoisie by Robert Montgomery
Tuesday 1st October – Saturday 2nd November 2019
JD Malat Gallery, 30 Davies Street, W1K

Elena Kovylina à Analix Forever dimanche 29 septembre

septembre 28, 2019
Surprise du week end ! Visite impromptue de la grande artiste russe Elena Kovylina, amie de longue date d’Analix Forever, 14ème dans les récents classements institutionnels des artistes russes les plus importants et de Frank Smith, actuellement en résidence à la Fondation Michalski, écrivain, poète, réalisateur et… Conseiller poétique d’Analix Forever.
Rencontre, de midi à 16h, 6-10 rue du Gothard à Chêne Bourg, nous vous attendons, en musique !
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