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Les carottes culturelles d’Elena Kovylina

mai 29, 2018

The « Carrot cultural » project (« Carotte culturele ») is an attempt to let the art prove itself in the environment of « cultural isolation”, accommodate the viewer, suggesting him to see familiar everyday images as objects of so-called « high culture ».

In the name of that project polysemy and diversity of the term « culture » are shown. The term can be used in spiritual and material spheres, in art creativity and in agricultural activity.

Because of the distinctive features of civilization development of Russia the modern art as a phenomenon of the post-industrial world hardly spread across our country. After the long active life in the cultural capitals of the world – Moscow, Berlin, Zurich, Paris and Los Angeles, seven years ago I removed on the permanent residence into the village situated near Moscow…

My observations during these years demonstrate that there are elements of cultural life and the need for culture as such in a subsistence level and a comfort zone of the vast majority of people only in « agrarian » meaning of this term. Landing of seeds or seedling, weeding, harvesting – that is the invariable change of an exposition in a « cultural » landscape of Russia.

The project purpose is to engage dialogue of the people and art, to create interaction of cultures – agrarian and art, modern information (the culture of new media) and traditional agricultural and to overcome isolation of the Russian population from relevant art processes.

The project includes:

– a series of pictorial images of agrarian cultures in botanical style (the plant is represented on a white background, conceptually, as an object);

– the small author’s pictures representing green and fruit and berry cultures in botanical style.

The first time exposing in the Central market in Vyksa on one Sunday of the 2017th year (with assistance of the residence Arth Ovrag). The images close to heart of the ordinary person, – beet, fennel, gooseberry – were exhibited in close proximity to their prototypes.

Now I choose not museum, but market for exhibiting of a new series of the work « Carrot cultural ». The performance took place in Moscow in the Danilovsky market between May 23 and May 27.

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