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For International Women’s Day Eva Magyarosi Star in Hungary and @ Art on Paper

mars 8, 2018

Today Eva Magyarosi won the UniCredit Bank award, she opens her solo exhibition at Ferenczy Museum Center and is in New York City @Art on Paper! Congratulations Eva and thank you for all the beautiful work!

Her animated film bear a strong resemblance to the sound and film montages of VJing, while her unconventional still images blend the characteristics of photography, freehand drawing and painting. In the drawing series and the video Invisible Drawings, subtitled for My Father, the artist represents her grief, extending it to the more general experiences of fear and vulnerability. She seeks to understand the workings of the memory that accompanies the passing of our loved ones, and attempts to arrest involuntarily retained mundane moments as much as carry out thought experiments to virtually resurrect the mourned person. Eva Magyarosi offers us the IVORY HONEY of memory and forgetting.

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