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Lost endless spaces in Punta Del Este, Uruguay

janvier 7, 2018

For ESTE ARTE 2018Analix Forever proposes a video project based on the concept of space, the video screen by itself being a specific space, a specific environment where artists unfold there own vision of space : Frank Smith, Mario Rizzi and Jean-Michel Pancin are for instance exploring various aspects of what we can call lost endless spaces.

Frank Smith presents the THE FILM FROM OUTSIDE (which is part of the Hors Pistes Festival at Centre Pompidou in early 2018) and continues his visual and textual exploration of Isle Jean Charles’ current story. After the publication of Katrina, Isle de Jean Charles, Louisiane (Éditions de l’Attente, 2013), Le Film du Dehors (The Film from Outside) seeks to define this precarious territory on the edge of abandonment and disappearance, with its fragments of wrecks, its rusted sheet metal, and its crumbling cleats between azure and tarmac, following the rhythm to and from along Island Road.

Al Intithar is the first film of the trilogy BAYT (HOME) by Mario Rizzi. Its concept is inspired by Anthony Shadid’s House of Stone, where he writes that «in the Middle East, bayt is sacred. Empires fall. Nations topple. Borders may shift. Old loyalties may dissolve or be altered. Home, whether it be structure or familiar ground, is finally the identity that does not fade.» However, in Al Intithar home is no longer a rooted existence or a solid place for the female protagonist but instead becomes a tent, having been forced to flee Syria to Zaatari, the refugee camp in the Jordanian desert. The film, which presents itself as an excerpt, follows her life throughout a period of seven weeks, translating the tragic macrocosm of the Syrian war to the intimate microcosm of a relentless woman and her three children.

A constant running throughout Jean-Michel Pancin’s practice is his way of dealing with “the Other” (subject) and “the other” (object), two concepts which are as ambiguous as they are intriguing, both alluding to otherness, that is to say, to difference. The video Speedway presented at ESTE ARTE is a product of Pancin’s residency in Wendover, Utah. There the artist carried out geographical and social research across various media including photography and writing. The film shows a single path, a road, with neither the vehicle nor its driver appearing in the frame, thus instantly conveying to the spectator the feeling that he or she is in the driving seat of a journey through a hypnotic landscape that seems to have no boundaries and no end.

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