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Un Instant Forever, l’exposition continue, l’accrochage change…

juillet 31, 2014



Et vendredi soir 1er août, nouvelle projection en extérieur
JHAFIS QUINTERO à l’honneur, pour la liberté et pour la paix. Dès 20h.

‘All the way’ is about the journey some inmates hope to accomplish. After years of eternal repetition inside the walls, they stab themselves or cut their veins as a way to reach just one moment : some fragments and images from the outside reality. On the way to the hospital the prisoners are marveled when they are able to see only a few pieces of the outside reality through the gaps from inside the prison car.

Jhafis Quintero thinks of Charles Bukowski’s poem ‘All the way’ and of a phrase of Italo Calvino : ‘The traveler recognizes the little that is his,
discovering the much he has not had and will never have.’

Pour en savoir plus sur Jhafis Quintero : cliquez ici

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