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Young British Art II

février 2, 2012

an exhibition curated by Ryan Gander and Christina von Rotenhan at DIENSTGEBAEUDE, Zurich, CH

Opening Thursday 9 February 2012, 6.00pm
Open Thursday – Saturday, 11am – 6pm and by appointment
Open until Saturday 17 March, 2012

/ This exhibition is a group show of 46 artists selected by the artist Ryan Gander.
// The young artists chosen for this exhibition are all exceptionally talented individuals, who are British or live in Britain.
/// All the works in this exhibition are black and white.
//// No other curatorial themes are intentionally related to this exhibition, any other meaning derived is purely circumstance or coincidence.
///// Forwards.

Thomas Adank, Aaron Angell, Cornelia Baltes, Tom Bardwell, Jacqueline Bebb, Richard Bevan, Rachal Bradley, Alice Browne, Michael Burkitt, KIMI CONRAD, Edward Cotterill, Simon Davenport, Tim Davies, Tomas Downes, Steven Emmanuel, Alex Farrar, James Ferris, Robert Filby, Tom Gidley, Matt Golden, Tommy Grace, Anthony Green, Richard Healy, Dean Hughes, Max Hymes, Ann-Marie James, Rob Lye, Jessica Mallock, Harry Meadley, John Henry Newton, Jonathan O’Dwyer, Murray O’Grady, Barnie Page, Myles Painter, Sam Porritt, Lucia Quevedo, Dan Rees, Matthew Richardson, Jessica Sarah Rinland, Helen Robertson, Sven Sachsalber, Giorgio Sadotti, Iona Smith, The Hut Project, Santo Tolone, Jeanine Woollard.

‘Young British Art II’ is organised by Limoncello and follows the first instalment that was held at the gallery in May 2011.

Toepferstrasse 26
8045 Zurich

15a Cremer Street
London E2 8HD

+44 (0)20 7739 2363

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